New Album



REIO's Complex K is based on a performance of K Complexity that appears in our second stage of sleeping, which refers to being able to explore conciousness while being unconcious. Those who are often "active" while dreaming know what it feels like. Complex K althou it appears naturally , you can also trigger it by touching somebdy gently and still keeps you a sleep. Sometimes the complexity is just flowing, sometimes it can be remembered as the whole story, sometimes just tiny bits without sense. K also triggers the process of transferring the memories into a long term memories. Sometimes they come true and sometimes not, what's left is beauitul memory which stays part of us.


Music of REIO's completes the togetherness and make sense in very particular way. Creating this Orchestra recording I clearly imagined the musicians and the sound they will produce on recording. Every member has it's own dreams and stories captured that are parts of us, which contributes to our journey as REIO

-Elvis Homan.